Think Twice - Our Community Responds to the Criminalization of HIV

The debut of over 40 new videos of community members addressing HIV criminalization and the launch of the website

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander St
Tues Nov 18, 7-9PM
Free Event

Hosted by Jordan Bond-Gorr and featuring performances by Buddies In Bad Times Theatre artist in residence Ryan Graham Hinds and the spectacular Fay Slift!

Canada is a world leader in targeting and criminalizing people living with HIV. People are being charged with aggravated sexual assault and thrown in prison for not disclosing their status, even when there was virtually no risk of transmission. Our laws are based on stigma and fear.

We’ve asked local community members to tell you why going to the cops when a sexual partner has not disclosed their HIV-positive status isn’t the smart choice. Going to the cops won’t stop you from getting HIV or stop the spread of the disease. Watch these videos, get some knowledge, and love each other ~ Think Twice!

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