AAN! Tells Ontario Crown Prosecutors to “Think Twice” Before Going Ahead with Criminal Cases

ANN! placed a half-page ad  in this week’s edition of the Ontario Reports urging Crown Prosecutors to Think Twice before proceeding with HIV non-disclosure criminal cases. Crown Prosecutors play a pivotal role in the criminal justice system-they decide whether or not to proceed with criminal charges, and what charges are appropriate if they decide to go ahead with a prosecution.

The Ontario Reports is the weekly publication sent to all lawyers in Ontario.  It includes important cases, announcements, and practice directions to lawyers from courts and ministries.  By directly targeting the Think Twice social marketing campaign at Crown Prosectors (and the legal profession), AIDS Action Now! is challenging Crown Prosecutors and the legal community to change the way they think about HIV non-disclosure cases.  Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of HIV non-disclosure criminal prosecutions as a way to promote the health and rights of people living with HIV.

Stay tuned for more of our Think Twice social marketing campaign.  We will be unrolling a series of ads, aimed at different groups who play a role in HIV non-disclosure prosecutions, over the coming months.

Take a look … tell us what you think.

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