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Ontario Crown Prosecutors on Witch-Hunt: PHAs Must Always Disclose HIV Status before Sex or Face Imprisonment

This is a long posting … but we urge you to read it.  The Ontario government wants to turn back the clock to the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, when people living with HIV were openly and publicly vilified, … Continue reading

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AAN! Tells Ontario Crown Prosecutors to “Think Twice” Before Going Ahead with Criminal Cases

ANN! placed a half-page ad  in this week’s edition of the Ontario Reports urging Crown Prosecutors to Think Twice before proceeding with HIV non-disclosure criminal cases. Crown Prosecutors play a pivotal role in the criminal justice system-they decide whether or … Continue reading

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Tell the McGuinty Liberals that HIV+ People Need Safe, Secure and Affordable Housing

Ontario research has shown that safe, secure and affordable housing can help maintain and improve the health of people living with and at risk of HIV.  The McGuinty Liberals ignored this evidence when passing Budget 2012, which cuts safe housing … Continue reading

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Feds cutting healthcare for refugees: Health of HIV+ put at risk

The Federal government is making major changes to the Interim Federal Health Program, which refugee claimants have historically relied upon for healthcare.  Not surprisingly, the Feds are slashing health coverage for refugees.  The changes will take effect June 30, 2012. … Continue reading

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HIV Criminalization - Five New Video Workshops for Advocates

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network has recently completed a series of  five video workshops … 1. Introduction 2. HIV non-disclosure and criminal law 3. “Significant risk of serious bodily harm” 4. Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure: why it is the wrong approach … Continue reading

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