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Call for papers by journal “Research for Sex Work”: HIV and Sex Work

Below is a posting from the Global Network of Sex Work Projects, an incredible group of committed grassroots activists with heaps of integrity and a serious bull-shit detector.  They tell it like it is.  No matter the audience.  Drawing on their … Continue reading

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AAN! Continues to Decry HIV Criminalization: A recent interview in the “Socialist Worker”

In a recent interview with www.socialistworkercanada.com, AAN! steering committee member Jordan Bond-Gorr talks about the inconsistent, unfair and unjust application of the criminal law to people living with HIV who are accused of not disclosing their HIV status to sexual … Continue reading

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Ontario Crown Prosecutors on Witch-Hunt: PHAs Must Always Disclose HIV Status before Sex or Face Imprisonment

This is a long posting … but we urge you to read it.  The Ontario government wants to turn back the clock to the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, when people living with HIV were openly and publicly vilified, … Continue reading

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HIV Criminalization - Five New Video Workshops for Advocates

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network has recently completed a series of  five video workshops … 1. Introduction 2. HIV non-disclosure and criminal law 3. “Significant risk of serious bodily harm” 4. Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure: why it is the wrong approach … Continue reading

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Day of Action Videos - Positive People Under Attack - Stand Up Fight Back!

“Positive people under attack! What do we do? STAND UP FIGHT BACK!” Alex McClelland of AIDS ACTION NOW! speaks about how the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure has negative impacts on people living with HIV and how if we work collectively … Continue reading

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