Queers for Social Justice Add Politics (& Fun) to Toronto Pride: Come out tonight & throughout the weekend

Toronto Pride has been underway in earnest since Monday.  It started with the flag raising at City Hall-skipped once again this year by our embarrassing Mayor, Rob Ford.  But really, it would be hypocritical of him to support LGBT (or HIV) issues at this point given his horrendous voting record and ignorant statements in the past.

Frankly, who needs him, when Queers for Social Justice have injected into Toronto Pride a huge dose of positive enegry, protest, fun, irreverence, and street theatre.  Queers for Social Justice has added “Activate” to official Pride theme “Celebrate & Demonstrate”.

Tonight, Queers for Social Justice is putting on a die-in at Church and Wellesley at 6:00 pm.  AAN! will be there Activating and Demonstrating against the criminalization of HIV nondisclosure position, and the “witch-hunt” being mounted by Ontario’s Attorney General and Crown Prosecutors. They will have signs to “fill-in” with the issue(s) you are passionate about. Join us and Q4SJ!

Yes, progressive activism is alive and well in Toronto LGBTQ communities, and on display once again this year at Pride.  Read their manifesto.   Follow them on social media.





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