HIV PEP in Ontario: How many infections could be prevented if gay men had access?

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) means using anti-HIV medications (the same meds people living with HIV take to treat HIV infection) for approximately a month after a potential exposure to HIV.  PEP has been shown to reduce the risk of someone becoming infected with HIV.

Here is a “cheap” blog post … borrowed from our twitter feed.  A coffee conversation with a leading Canadian Gay Men’s Health Activist inspired us to think about the many, many relationships between gay men’s health and HIV.  And to ask “Is the Ontario government doing all it should to respect, protect and fulfill the right to health of gay men in the face of the high rates of HIV in the gay men’s community in Ontario?” And for that matter, shouldn’t HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) be available, free of charge, to anyone who needs it after a high-risk sexual act?

PEP is currently available to survivors of sexual assault-a vital and hard-fought service for women, gained by the efforts of anti-violence/anti-sexual assault activists and researchers putting the issue on the agenda and making the case.  Piqued your interest?  Read on … You can follow us @AIDSActionNow on Twitter.  That is also where you can access all of the hyperlinks in the Twitter feed below.

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