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Can’t Be Silenced, Won’t Be Stopped - AAN! for Global LGBT Equality

Join AAN! and other community groups as on the eve of the Sochi Olympics as we demand human rights across the globe. Those interested in forming an AAN! contingent or going together are invited to e-mail Jordan Bond at … Continue reading

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Save the City of Toronto’s Global AIDS Initiative from the Chopping Block: We can afford it

It is once again that time of year in the City of Toronto.  No, not the holiday season of merriment and giving, but the season of scrooge and “restraint.”  Yes, the City’s budget process.  On the chopping block this year, … Continue reading

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Think Twice Campaign Phase Two: Calling all men who fuck men

Last night AIDS ACTION NOW! launched phase 2 of our Think Twice Campaign against the criminalization of people living with HIV.   We were at the Art Gallery of Ontario for the launch of poster/VIRUS 2012, to celebrate and commemorate … Continue reading

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HIV PEP in Ontario: How many infections could be prevented if gay men had access?

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) means using anti-HIV medications (the same meds people living with HIV take to treat HIV infection) for approximately a month after a potential exposure to HIV.  PEP has been shown to reduce the risk of someone becoming … Continue reading

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AAN! Pickets Ontario Attorney General: “Think Twice” before you prosecute

On Tuesday, July 24, AAN! members and allies greeted employees of the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario as they arrived for work. Covering both the front and back doors of the Ministry of the Attorney General building on … Continue reading

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