Calling all Gay, Bi, and Trans Men who have SEX with other Men

Think HIV Criminalization is stigmatizing and unjust? Have something to say about it?  We want to hear about it!

With our Think Twice Campaign we are looking for men who have sex with other men to tell their stories and thoughts that challenge the current push towards criminalization of people living with HIV.

  • Have you thought about pressing charges but didn’t?
  • Fucked someone and thought about the shared responsibility?
  • Have you charged someone and wished that you had not done it?
  • Were you charged and want to share your experience?
    Has your friend been charged and you want to speak out?

We will be having a community meeting on Sunday, November 3rd at the 519 from 2-4pm

If you would like to register or find out more about the Think Twice Campaign please contact: Jessica Whitbread at or check out our website or facebook page. Download our flyer here!

We will be making an online video campaign with a range of individuals aimed to get people to consider the complexity and uncertainty of HIV criminalization, and the implications for gay, bi and trans male communities. If you identify as a man who fucks other men and want to be involved, we are looking for individuals to be featured in the online video campaign and for technical support in filming and production of the videos themselves.

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