Sign the petition to stop the deportation of Herberth Menedez and other queers living with HIV

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the vigil of support for Herberth Menendez on Tuesday. This was the first step in our efforts to raise awareness of Herberth’s case and the many like it. Canada is sending people living with HIV back to countries where they face intense violence, discrimination and stigma due to their sexualities and HIV-status. Herberth’s case is not unique, but Herberth is willing to take the risk of speaking out to call attention to the injustices of the Canadian Immigration system.

Herberth Menendez is a 30 year old Mexican citizen who immigrated to Canada in 2007. He left Mexico to claim refugee status in Canada because he feared for his life due to the intense discrimination and threats of physical violence he faced for being openly gay and living with HIV. Despite having submitted detailed proof of the homophobia and HIV discrimination he has faced in Mexico, Herberth is currently in the final stages of his Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Application. His lawyer has told him there is very little likelihood that his application will be accepted.

Sign the petition on here.

To stay in touch with Herberth and the community of freinds who are helping him to be allowed to stay, join the facebook group here.

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